Monday, November 19, 2007

Pearl's From Africa

Welcome to our first (and probably only) BLOG. I really don't know what makes me think I have the time to keep this thing going, but it has been nagging me for quite some time now. So here I am, thinking I've got something to say, and that people will listen. Perhaps I should stop long enough to repent of this heinous sin of pride before I continue???? Really I just want a place to chronicle this journey and a way to keep friends and family informed. Of course those who know me well, will expect some soap boxing once in a while :)

Well here are officially one week into our adoption process, and already I feel as if it is taking too long. I can see this will be a very sanctifying process. Richard seems to have his heart set on Uganda as our country of choice, the more I see these children the more I agree. Last night I was crying like a baby over the video of the children in the Jinja orphanage, not out of pity but out of love. How on earth can I have such a love for people I have never met? A friend from church has already been in contact with the woman that runs this orphanage, and says this is a very stable program. YEAH!!! I will be contacting her later today, to find out any particulars that we might need to know. We will also be scheduling the home study for early December. God willing, all the paperwork on our side will be in Jinja by mid January. Then we should be able to travel to bring them home in May or June.

We have been brainstorming for ways to start saving and paying for this. Ultimately we know the Lord is the one who will graciously provide, but we know we must do our part too. It will take Him moving in a mighty way to make this happen. We have been given a cost of approximately $27000.00 to bring our two pearl's home. That is a lot of money to be raised in six months or less. We know our God is able, and we believe He will. I figure we need about $3000.00 to get us through December for the home study, vaccinations for me, our I600 and fingerprinting, my passport, doctors visits for us all, and installing a fence around the swimming pool. Our social worker says that will need to be done in order to get our home study approved. Thankfully the Lord has provided the fence panels, we just need to buy the 4x4 posts and the cement to get it up. I will find out later the schedule of payment for the overseas fees. Please keep us in your prayers, we know that this is impossible with out our Lord!