Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Get Real

Even though our bags are packed and ready to be placed in the car, this just doesn't seem real. Even though I have our passports and plane tickets sitting by my side, this just doesn't seem real.
Even though everything on my four page "to do" list has been crossed off, this just doesn't seem real. Even though our bank account has been drained, this just doesn't seem real. Even though we have known this day was coming for months now, even though I have been praying for this day for years, I feel like any minute now I am going to wake up and this will have all been a dream. (Similar to the one I had two nights ago, when I dreamed I gave birth to a kangaroo.)

Am I really leaving for Africa today? Will I really be holding William and Melissa in my arms in less than 48 hours?

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3

The Lord has indeed done great things for us. First and foremost in our salvation. The fact that I am a child of The Most High, is humbling and breathtaking to me. If He had stopped blessing me there, it truly would have been enough. He has poured out mercy and grace upon our family in rich abundance. To think He is giving this opportunity of adoption as well is unimaginable. Less than seven months ago we had no idea where this would take us, and no way to carry it out. Just a small grain of faith, that our God was indeed big enough to do the impossible. He has. Of course He always has, and He always will, He is God. There have been so many steps of faith along the way, and He has granted both the faith and the grace to keep us moving forward. He has made straight our paths, and opened closed doors. He has provided us with a literal community of people praying for and supporting us.

To those of you (you know who you are:) I love dearly, and have stood by us for years now. Your prayers, coupled with the grace of God (what a mystery that is) is what brought us here. Your friendship, love, encouragement, and the way you always point me back to the Savior, mean the world to me. Thank you.

To my wonderful children, I love you so much. I thank God everyday that He chose to bless me with the three of you. Each of you, made in the image of God, formed to bring Him glory, placed in our lives to love and train. WOW! Thank you so much for the sacrifices you have made over the last 6 months. You have given much of your time so I could "paper chase" and research. You have given up material goods so that you could have a new brother and sister. I know this whole process has been just as crazy for all of you. Thank you for enduring with joy. I praise our Lord and Savior who has done, and will continue to do a great work in you. I see the evidences of Grace in all of your lives each day. I look forward to watching you grow in the love and faith, of Him who adopted you. It won't be long now, and all those prayers you have prayed for siblings, will be answered. Not just in pictures, but with two sweet smiling faces, ready to join your world. I know they are going to love, how could they not?

We leave at 8:00 tonight and will arrive in Uganda on Friday (Thursday night here) Please continue to be faithful in your prayers for us all.

  • For safe travel
  • For Kaleb, Noah, and Grace here at home
  • For our court date June 2
  • For quick and accurate court rulings
  • For quick and accurate passports
  • For a quick turn around of visas
  • For favor with all the governing officials who will handle our case
  • For the health of us as well as all the children
  • For quick bonding between us
  • Pray everything is done, so we can return as scheduled with William and Melissa
  • Pray for those running our business while we are away
I will try and post updates as I can. If not I have a couple of guest bloggers, who will fill you in.
I'm outta here.

For real.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Due Date

After nearly six months I finally have a due date! We have a tentative court date of June 2nd, which will put us leaving on May 28th. This will be confirmed in a few days and then we will book our flights. We were told to specifically pray that there would be openings on the flight, especially the flight from London to Entebbe as these flights are usually booked solid. To say we are excited is an understatement, but the reality of all this is beginning to set in. I know the Lord has been preparing our hearts for this for a very long time, I hope He has been doing the same work in the children. I have so much to do to get prepared to leave. I have a long list that gets added to daily. We also have the added stress of leaving our business for someone else to run. I know that they are capable, but lets face it, they don't care as much about keeping it going as we do. We will also be leaving our children behind (with wonderful people who love them dearly) and this will be very difficult for us all. For our ten year anniversary Richard and I went on a five day cruise, day two we wanted our gang with us and missed them terribly. When Richard went to Uganda for three weeks a couple of years ago, it was hard for them, and I was still here. Please be praying for them to have peace. We still need about $5,000 too. Although this is really at the bottom of my list of concerns. The Lord did not bring us this far, to leave us short by so little. I know He will provide, this is His work and He will bring it to pass.

PS. Did I mention how excited we are??

Monday, May 5, 2008

Adoption News

Just received a wonderful email from Mandy. They are working for a court date in early June, she will let us know as soon as they have the date set. She really wants us to leave on a Wednesday to arrive on Friday, so that we can spend the weekend with the children, then to our first court appearance on Monday. She also wants us to fly with British Air. I am fairly certain this means we will have to leave from Houston. Which is a bit disappointing as I would prefer a one hour drive as opposed to a three hour...but we will do whatever it takes. I can't wait to get to Uganda. Richard has made it seem like such a heavenly place. We also got a couple of new photos of the children, they have grown so much, but they are still a cute as ever.
I could be holding my babies in just four short weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um, I better get busy, I have A LOT to do to get prepared.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Strange Random Post About...

Wheat. Maybe it's my Kansas roots, growing up seeing fields of golden wheat blowing in the wind. I don't know, but I love wheat fields. Right now there is a gorgeous one by my house. Each day I drive by it I am in awe of the beauty of it. I love watching it change from deep green to a golden hue. I love the golden color waving in the wind against the back drop of lush green tress and a piercing blue sky. I love the way it sounds as it blows in the wind, it really is a delightful sound. So wonderful in fact, that I think that is why it is in the song America the Beautiful "amber waves of grain" a wonderful sight and sound indeed. If you have never listen to this sound I recommend you find a wheat field and sit back and enjoy the music. Maybe because I recognize it as God's blessing and provision. Bread for our bodies, graciously provided by the one who also gives us living water so we never thirst and bread so that we never hunger. Maybe it's because I grind my own wheat and make all sorts of delectable treats for my family that are not only yummy, but healthy too. Whatever it is, one thing is certain, I love wheat fields and I will be sad to see this one harvested, as it has brought me much joy over the last few weeks.
Thank you Lord for wheat, in it I see your wisdom, provision, and beauty.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Amazing Grace