Saturday, June 7, 2008


Hello from Uganda. I am just going to post a very quick run down of what has been happening, for those of you not on my email list.

We got here Friday, Richard had severely sprained his ankle just before we left. Two days on airplanes was not good for his foot. He is healing now. We also found out on Friday that we had been reassigned a new judge and that the judge we have was going on vacation for a month, starting Monday...the day we were to go to court. She agreed to come and handle our case. We prayed and the Lord was faithful, she came and heard our case. She told us to come back on Thursday for the ruling. We went back Thursday and she granted us custody of the children. She said she wanted to be done with us so she could enjoy here holiday, so she said she would give us both the ruling and order that day. BIG PRAISE, this NEVER happens. We did get the one, but not the other as they did not finish typing it. The lawyer is supposed to pick it up on Tuesday. Monday is a holiday, so we have to wait until then. Please pray it is finished and ready to go so that we can begin the Visa process. Passports have been started and we hope to pick them up on Tuesday as well. The children are wonderful, but very naughty. THEY ARE SPOILED ROTTEN. Melissa had a nickname at the home that explains it all...Queen. William is recovering from malaria, and is doing well. I am desperately home sick and miss my children. While Uganda is beautiful, it is just not home. We have left Jinja and are now staying in Kampala at pastor Patricks home. I think that catches everyone up on the adoption, I have more to tell but this is where we are at in bringing the kids home. Thank you all for your prayers, we need them.