Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Strange Random Post About...

Wheat. Maybe it's my Kansas roots, growing up seeing fields of golden wheat blowing in the wind. I don't know, but I love wheat fields. Right now there is a gorgeous one by my house. Each day I drive by it I am in awe of the beauty of it. I love watching it change from deep green to a golden hue. I love the golden color waving in the wind against the back drop of lush green tress and a piercing blue sky. I love the way it sounds as it blows in the wind, it really is a delightful sound. So wonderful in fact, that I think that is why it is in the song America the Beautiful "amber waves of grain" a wonderful sight and sound indeed. If you have never listen to this sound I recommend you find a wheat field and sit back and enjoy the music. Maybe because I recognize it as God's blessing and provision. Bread for our bodies, graciously provided by the one who also gives us living water so we never thirst and bread so that we never hunger. Maybe it's because I grind my own wheat and make all sorts of delectable treats for my family that are not only yummy, but healthy too. Whatever it is, one thing is certain, I love wheat fields and I will be sad to see this one harvested, as it has brought me much joy over the last few weeks.
Thank you Lord for wheat, in it I see your wisdom, provision, and beauty.