Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can Someone Help Me Understand?

I really need someone to help me understand. Math is not my strong suit, so maybe I am just way far off on this one. Here are the numbers:

Obama 267,545,993
McCain 109,829,375
Clinton 233,007,664
Romney 107,070,664
Guliani 58,627,422
Edwards 51,690,164
Paul 34,518,355
Thompson 23,448,481
Richardson 23,051,269
Huckabee 16,075,487

Total 1,192,455,867

Those are not just numbers people, they represent dollars. Lots of dollars. Over 1 billion of them. Add to those dollars the 55,773,004 dollars spent by lesser know presidential candidates and you have a grand total of $1,248,228,871.00. Here let me spell that out for you, lest you think I have misplace a comma. One billion two hundred forty-eight million two hundred twenty-eight thousand eight hundred and seventy one dollars. AND WE STILL DON"T HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT!!!! How many more millions are going to be spent during this election?

Or how about this one, can anybody help me out with this little number: $500,000,000.00
Five hundred million dollars. Guess where I found that pretty little number. That was the first week sales for a video game. A VIDEO GAME! A rather poor video game at that: Grand Theft Auto.

These are just two of the many examples I could list of the amount of money wasted. Wasted, yep that's right I said wasted. Why do I think it was wasted you ask? We have to have a president right? It is an election year after all. How about the video game (the horrifying nature of the game aside), really it's not like 10 people spent 500 million dollars on the game. A whole bunch of people spent a measly 50 bucks. What's the big deal?

How many starving Ethiopian families could this have fed?
How many people could have had clean drinking water? Not just for one day, but forever because they had a well in their village.
How many children could have survived malaria, because they were given $7 in medication.
How many people could have been spared malaria, because they had been given a $10 net that could save their life?
How many babies were born infected with HIV, who otherwise could have been healthy if their mothers had access to ARV drugs?
How many new orphans are there today, because mothers and fathers lacked medication? Clean water?
How many orphaned children could have families today, because the cost of their adoptions were paid for?

All for what? So we can elect a man to run this country, who will continue to spend and waste with out rearguard to humanity. So we can learn to steal, kill, and destroy. All the while being entertained, because it's just video game after all.

Jeremiah 22:15 & 16
"15 Does it make you a king to have more and
more cedar? Did not your father have food
and drink? He did what was right and just,
so all went well with him.
16 He defended the cause of the poor and needy,
and so all went well.
Is that not what it means to know me?"
declares the LORD

Lord, I cry with Habakkuk "In wrath remember mercy."


kcself said...

Well worded post--and so true!!! The world is unfair. But God is gracious!

Also I must say--

I LOVE the fam pics. Did you do the celebrating adoption deal??

I am SO motivated to get a new family picture now! Also, thanks for including me in the "Uganda families" even though I'm still PW protected. (Other Uganda families, ESP. Welcome Home families, email me!!!)

Much Love,
Chris and family

jena said...

Money wasted can get to me too. I am sure once we back from our 'vacation' it will REALLY get to me!