Monday, December 10, 2007


Wow! So it has been three weeks since I posted an update. Rest assured it is not for lack of updates. As you can see by the BEAUTIFUL pictures that have been added, the Lord has shown us our children. Needless to say we are hopelessly in love (can you really blame us??? Look at those smiles) William is four years old, and is described as Mr. Rogers. He is said to be sweet, steady, and very loving. Melissa is 2 1/2, we hear she is strong willed and has a very captivating personality. The kids are so excited. Grace has been waiting for a sister for so long. She asked me if I could dye her hair black and put beads in it, just like Melissa's.

We had our home visit for our home study this past Saturday. Way less difficult, than I had built it up to be. We have a wonderful christian social worker, she spent about five hours in our home. It will be nice to have a believer walk through this with us. It helps knowing that if we face struggles after the children come home, she will offer help from a biblical perspective. All we are waiting for is the proof of insurance and medical exams (which we will be doing on the 12th) then she should have our finished home study to us with in two weeks. So here is my "to do list" for this week

1. Medical exams for the 5 of us, including TB tests
2. Get my passport
3. File our i600a
4. Get vaccinations: Hep A & B, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, and Polio booster (for me, Richard is good to go)
5. Get started on scrapbook to send William and Melissa

I need to get everything sent out to Mandy (the woman who runs the orphanage) but we are about $3,000 short of the $7,300 we need to get things rolling. So please pray that the Lord will bring this in soon. Please also pray that our i600a gets approved quickly. We are told that as soon as that is approved we are 3/4 of the way there. I think this is also when they will tell the kids about us and start showing the the scrapbook of us.

One last prayer request: Our associate pastor, Jake, will be returning to Uganda for mission work. First and foremost, please keep him in your prayers. Both for his safety and fruitful proclamation of the Gospel. Also, he is going to try and get to the Orphanage. Oh, how I want him to be able to see William and Melissa. Somehow, it just seems as if he could just hug them and touch them for me, if he could just pass on a little of the love that is growing in my heart, then just maybe, I can make to April.