Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lazy Blogger

I have a confession to make: I am a lazy blogger. There, it's out in the open now. Perhaps this will be the first step in in changing my lack of posts. I want to post, really I do. I think of all sorts of things I want to share, and then I don't. Since I am sure there will be no new updates on the adoption for a while, I will have to fill my time and this blog with other thoughts. Our fingerprint appoinment went well...I guess. The computer was malfunctioning during Richard's prints and it kept rejecting them. After several tries they finally got good prints...we think. So in 14-120 days we should have permission from the US government to bring William and Melissa home. As soon as we receive the approval from them, our court date will be scheduled, and the kids will be told about us and given their scrapbook. We will travel about thirty days after this approval comes.

I spoke to Mandy last week. She said the kids are doing well and all is well in Jinja. I told her of all the fears and concerns I have had over money and the paperwork with USCIS. She was so sweet, she said "During the first adoption we did, I was very carnal. I worried about all those things too, wondering how God could ever pull it off. He always does though, everytime things come together at the perfect time." I think she was gently rebuking me, telling me to repent from my lack of faith and from being carnal...what do you think?

Well that is all for now. For some reason the spell check is not working so please read the following disclaimer:

Yes I am a home school mom. However, spelling has never been my strong suit. I am a perfect example of how spell check will ruin you and your children. I thought that a good way to avoid this pitfall in my own children was to have them do all their writing by hand...no spell check for them! Then I realized while grading a paper one day, there was no spell check for me either. I digress. Any and all spelling mistakes in this blog are the responsibility of the teacher who pushed spell check on me in the seventh grade :)


Brandi said...

Yeah for one step done! Yes, keep blogging. I'm sure you are learning so much, you should record it!

PS Love the disclaimer!