Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I don't really have much to update, I just felt like I should. We will go to San Antonio on the 7th and have our fingerprints taken for USICS. They will then do a FBI background check on us both. I have been trying to figure out if the processing time lines on the USCIS web site are accurate (they have changed the dates and say they are now finished though July 12, 2007). I have asked for information on a couple of adoption forums, as I still don't have any answers. Some say, it should only take the normal 60-90 days tops. Others say it has been a nightmare for them. This of course leaves us right where we started, we have no idea if we will have our children home before summer, or this time next year. I do wish I had known this from the beginning. I might have guarded my heart a little better. If this is not going to happen for many months, I will desperately need prayer, as I already "miss" (how in the world can I miss having someone around, that has never been in my life???) my children and want them home with us. Whatever happens this one thing I know: God is good and His sovereign plan will not be thwarted. What He has planned will come to pass at the exact time He planned it. He will indeed provide the grace we need, whatever may come, exactly when we need it. Love you all!

PS: If you would please pray for the family on the following blog. They need God to intercede in a big way. They have had many struggles and obstacles. It has occurred to me that the enemy hates adoption. Perhaps this is why so many things can and often do go wrong in this process. Someone should tell him he has already been defeated by the King of Kings!



Brandi said...

Hi, I just stumbled across you blog! Congrats on your little ones! I have a love for Uganda but have never been. I have a couple of Ugandan missionaries listed on my site too that are great!

Does the orphanage you're working with have a website? I'm interested in Ugandan adoption for myself (much later, as I JUST came home from Liberia!) and for others!

PS It looks like we check some of the same blogs. . .The Lorenzens and Weathers went through the same org as us and I'm friends with the Littletons and have Daniel's blog from Kenya listed too! how funny!