Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I just opened the most wonderful piece of mail I think I will ever receive our I-171H, which is our approval from USCIS. Uganda here we come!!


Stephanee&Zach said...

Yeah!!! I have been checking your blog to see when you would get this! I'm so happy to hear that it all worked out and will follow the rest of your journey... My sister just got her referral from Ethiopia. Maybe we will meet you guys one day since you live so close - we will pray that you are able to go very soon to Uganda.
Stephanee (in New Braunfels)

Seguin Homeschooling Families said...

Yeah for you! We are believing God for the money to get complete this proccess. We love you and can't wait to see William and Melissa.
The Pierces

Molly Beth said...

What wonderful news! I've been peeking at your blog quite often to keep updated. I am so happy for you guys.Hope that we can meet them some day. It is so amazing what God can do and I pray that he continues to bless your family.