Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a quick update. All the paperwork USCIS requested should be in San Antonio tomorrow. Please pray that this will be sufficient for them to issue our we can go bring our children home. Our social worker recommended that we give them two weeks from the time they receive it to hear a reply. If we don't hear anything then we will contact our senator and Congress to get the ball rolling. It is a sad but true fact that they handle this stuff all the time, and actually have somebody on staff to handle all immigration problems.

We are still short all of the money we need for air fare. It still looks like it is going to be between $6500-$8000 for plane tickets. The difference is between traveling in June or July. We still need about $2000 for the fees and such while in Uganda as well. The Lord has graciously provided nearly $20,000 so far, and we are confident He will supply the rest. We are thankful for those of you who have given money, time, and prayers. Your support means the world to us.

Mandy is leaving for Uganda on the 5th of April (we had really hoped to be there at the same time as she is...but it is just not God's will that we be there in April)We asked if there was anything the orphanage needed or anything we could send for the mums that work there. The following was her reply:

"If you want to help the mums of the home see if you can possibly drum up some new monthly supporters of the home. If we don't get more funds in I may have to cut back the staff and they all really need their jobs. I could send you some brochures to use if you would like.
The dollar is really hurting us at this time and it is going to go a lot lower from what I hear. We are already down over a quarter of the value since I took over in 2003. The bank is telling us it will go way lower. Today was its lowest so far. It makes it hard because the price of everything just keeps going up over there as well as here. Petrol and food and formula costs are very high.
I am a bit scared for the first time at the responsibility of the 64 little ones and all the staff to feed and maintain the home. We are supported by the little people of the US. It is not big companies etc it is everyday Americans.
Every Missionary has to be feeling the pinch of the devaluing dollar"

This is a wonderful orphanage, the people there strive to serve the Lord in so many ways...from caring for the orphans and the women who care for them, to the ministry in the nearby villagers, bringing them the message of the gospel. If you can give, anything, please do. If you click the link on the left that says William and Melissa's orphanage it will take you to their home page where you can find out how to make a tax deducible donation on line.