Monday, September 22, 2008

Did Not Monday

This idea originated with MckMama, she has a great blog and is in the midst of an amazing miracle with her baby Stellan. Thought is was a fabulous idea, so naturally I am going to join in the fun.

I did not allow my two youngest children drink coffee with their breakfast two times this week. I most certainly did not justify this action with the excuse "It is food from their homeland."

I did not wear wet undergarments fresh from the washing machine to church yesterday because I forgot to put them out to dry. I would never forget to finish up my laundry.

I did not put all the hair that I lost during one bath into a pile so I could show my husband when he gets home. I did not do this so I can ask him if this is normal, and if he will still love me when I am bald. I definitely did not have angry thoughts when Grace came in and asked "Is that all your hair mommy? Geeze wiz, you better stop loosing hair or you ain't gonna have any left."

I absolutely did not spend my time talking to my beloved on the phone ranting about the government bailout or that huge African diamond. Nope, I would never rant and go on and on about such things to him, especially when I haven't seen him in a week.

I would never spend hours looking at waiting children in America and Ethiopia, wondering if any of them were ours. Nope, not me.

Lastly, I did not, I repeat did not, accidentally yell out to the TV screen, while working out at a public gym, and call Obama's "redistribution of wealth" plan Communism for all the gym to hear.


S.L.P said...

Hahaha! You truthless falsifier! I'm so glad I don't work out with you anymore.

Janet said...

LOL! I think I need to do that. Too funny!
Adam and Jeane LOVE hot tea! They always try to pilfer mine. I DO NOT give it to them. ;-)

lauradodson said...

LOL!!! Love the gym incident. You go! Yell as loud as you want at that TV screen.