Friday, September 26, 2008

Field Trip

Sea World in San Antonio hosted home school day yesterday.

William has been watching this Jack Hannah video about Sea World, for some reason he loves it. When I read the email about the home school days and asked if they wanted to go William says, "Yes, I want to go and see the big fish." It is much to hard to resist that huge grin and Ugandan accent. Couple that with the $8 admission price, it was a done deal. We were not going to miss it.

I love taking William and Marissa to do new things. When your children come to you as babies, they grow up with all the fun things around them. They become the norm and the expected. Parks with huge slides, fast food places with big indoor playgrounds, swimming pools, even big tractors are not too exciting when you grow up around them. When you are three and four and experiencing them for the first time, it is exciting. It is even better to be the one blessed enough to be able to take a peek into that discovery. Yesterday I got to have that experience with all five of my children. We don't go to Sea World, costs too much money and there are FAR to many people. Watching Noah as he got to touch a dolphin, seeing them as the killer whales jumped and spun, hearing them giggle at the sea lions, hearing the excitement as they tell me about watching the shark eat. The whole day was filled with wonderful firsts for them all, what a blessing.

On a side note, there were signs all over the park that read "Happy 20th Birthday Sea World of San Antonio!" Um, I went to Sea World the first year it was open. My grandparents took me. They used to have this giant map of the USA on the ground. I remember taking a picture laying down in the State of Kansas, pointing to the city I lived in. I grew up in an extremely small town, so the fact that it was on the map at Sea World seemed incredibly cool to an ELEVEN year old. TWENTY YEARS AGO, man I am getting old. Time really does fly.

I was able to take some really good pictures, so for your looking enjoyment, here they are.

Lion Fish. I think it looks similar to old man wearing fake eyelashes.

Jelly fish, anyone else think they are cool to watch?

Watching the dolphins.

Noah petting a dolphin. I love dolphins, they always look so happy. I wanted to get in and swim with them. Richard said they might frown on that, he wouldn't let me :)


S.L.P said...

You did get some good pictures!

Janet said...

It looks like SO much fun. Just up my alley!

And P.S.- I LOVE to watch jellyfish. :-)

lauradodson said...

yay for sea world pics. i put some up too...we never go either, so it was a real super de duper treat. we all had a wonderful time. wish i could have those baby's faces when they saw all their firsts for the first time. :o) fun!