Friday, February 6, 2009

Time For Action

ANOTHER CALL FOR ACTION. President Obama has chosen David Ogden for the office of Deputy Attorney General. Mr. Ogden must be voted in by the senate. The hearings for his nomination began yesterday. It is imperative that we take the time to call our senators and ask them to vote against this man occupying the office of Deputy Attorney General. I just called and left a lengthy message to both my senators and it took less than five minutes. For those of you who think your one call won't make a difference, these people have a formula, and for every one phone call, email, or letter they receive from a constituent they assume 300 more feel they same way. They do listen to what their constituents want, we need only make our voice heard.

It is not difficult to find your senators numbers, just google "how to contact my senator" and you will find the needed information. I would recommend you call the local office near you, rather than the Washington number. There is high call volume to Washington right now due to the recent "stimulus package." Please do not delay, they will be voting on this soon.

When I called, I simply left a massage stating my concern over Ogden holding this office, not only because of his defense of the p*orn industry, but more importantly his views on the USA being subject to international law. I stated that the USA is a sovereign nation and is not, nor should it ever be subject to international law. The Constitution should always be upheld to the highest extent. This man simply cannot up hold his duty to uphold the constitution with his beliefs. I gave specific information from the following material off of stating the case and the year.

The following was copied from

"Obama nominee David Ogden faces significant opposition in his quest for Senate confirmation as Deputy Attorney General, but apparently not for the best reasons. President Barack Obama has nominated Ogden to the post as the number two prosecutor in the country. His Senate confirmation hearing was set to begin yesterday, February 5.
Ogden's appointment raised considerable opposition from conservative and Christian groups largely because of his past involvement defending Penthouse and Playboy in lawsuits related to pornography, and because of cases he has argued to prevent internet filters on public library computers. The purpose of these filters, according to his opponents, is to keep children from accessing pornography, while Ogden and his allies claim free speech concerns.
Of far greater interest should be Ogden's role in the case of
Roper v. Simmons 543 U.S. 551 (2005), in which he submitted a brief urging the Supreme Court to look beyond our Constitution and apply international law as the Supreme Law of the land. Specifically, he cited the near-universal support of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a legally-binding mandate to outlaw the death penalty for persons under 18 years old, even though our own laws and Constitution contain no such ban. Sadly, the Supreme Court sided with Ogden, scuttling U.S. sovereignty under international pressure.
The issue, again, is not whether or not minors should be subject to the death penalty when they commit murder, but whether U.S. law should be dictated by international fiat. One would hope the Deputy District Attorney to the United States, sworn to uphold the Constitution, would be someone with enough faith in our own law to do just that."