Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaleb

Today my oldest is fourteen years old! Yikes! Fourteen...

I love this guy.

My teenager.

He's a pretty cool guy.

He loves music, and has, from a very young age, been able to pick an instrument and learn to play it with very little effort.

He is passionate about life for the unborn. Few things hurt him more than the thought of millions of babies dying at the hands of those who should be protecting them.

He is also my politic buddy. We listen to some good talk radio together, and get all worked up together, and come back to the realization that God is sovereign together, every time.

He cracks me up because he thinks he's funny :)

He likes to cook and does a pretty good job at it too.

As our oldest he has been our guinea pig so to speak. We royally mess up with him everyday...then pray that God would just keep him somewhat safe from serious emotional damage from our parenting. Seriously he puts up with so much from me, and he is always ready to forgive.

He is also a very giving guy. Take today for example...he offered to babysit, gave Richard and I two tickets to a benefit concert He really wanted to attend, and some cash for dinner. A total night out for me and my beloved all on him. What fourteen year old does that? He has done things like this time and time again. Honestly, he was my life saver after we got back from Uganda. It was nearly two months before I felt well again, and he helped do so much around here during that time. When my dad died, he did the same thing. I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me such a loving and compassionate son. I pray the Lord has favor on Him and blesses him abundantly, all the days of his life.

Kaleb we love you so much. We are proud to be your parents. Continue to pursue the Lord with steadfastness. Hold on to your convictions. Love abundantly and give freely, because Christ has loved you with an everlasting love and freely given you all things. Live for his glory son, truly nothing else matters.

PS A piano????