Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Been a Blessed Year

One year ago today, we landed in Houston with two very frightened little children, one very sick mama, and one daddy praising God we had all made it home.

It was one of those days that will forever be in my memory.

We spent way too long in immigration...with someone with masks and lung x-rays, coughing and hacking away. I remember thinking, great now I'm going to get TB along with everything else.

We got stopped to have our bags check THREE times. I now it was the 20 pounds of coffee that did us in. Apparently coffee is a favorite for covering drugs.

We had William and Marissa on the baggage cart, in front of all our bags. The children waiting for us couldn't see them, and for just a split second thought we had come home with out them.

While we were gone Grace grew a good two inches. So did Kaleb, in fact he surpassed me in height while we were gone. Noah's hands got bigger, a lot bigger. It's surprised me how much they had changed in such a short period of time.

William and Marissa, I think were in a state of shock...or post traumatic stress or something. They just stared at everything, no talking or eating with expressionless faces. Even though they had been looking at pictures of their siblings for weeks, it seemed to shock them that they were actually real, and going to be a part of their lives.

I had never been, nor will I ever be again, so happy to be in Texas.

These two children have brought so much joy to our family. The changes they have gone through in the last year amaze me.

I no longer get urinated on when someone is mad at me.
When they get in trouble the Ugandan mumble is mostly gone.
They eat our food with gusto, and if they don't like it, they no longer throw it on the floor.
William no longer cries at night from a vague pain that he couldn't say where it came from.
Marissa no longer has night terrors.
They love their dog.
They have learned what it means to be a part of a family.
They no longer hide food in their rooms and in the bathroom.
There is no longer jealousy of their siblings.
There are no more screaming fits when reprimanded or told no.
No more parasites.
No more fear.
No more anger.
So much laughter and joy.

In the past year they have got to experience for the first time: swimming, boating, being pulled around behind a boat, huge American playgrounds, fast food, presents on their birthdays and at Christmas, all sorts of decadent deserts, three HEALTHY square meals a day, owning their own clothes, shoes, underwear, and toys, pillows, socks, real ice cream, car seats with seat belts, snuggles from a mom and dad whenever they want, snow, fishing, the ocean, growing a garden, and so many wonderful new things I could never list them all.

They have also experienced sorrow and loss. Loosing a Grandpa they already loved and adored.

They left behind all they had ever known to come and be a part of a world where everything was new. I know I wouldn't have adjusted as well as they have.

I'm proud of them.

I'm even more proud to call them mine.


Emily said...

I am so glad that they are a part of your family and that you are our friends. I love you guys.

S.L.P said...

So beautiful!