Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Official

My beloved and I have officially decided to pursue the start up of a business that will sell healthy hair and skin products, with a majority of the profits going toward helping to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education, and families to orphans. We still have many details to iron out, but are hopeful to have everything up and running in a handful of months. We need lots of prayer for direction and a name for the company.

Thus the need for an official contest.

Leave a comment with your suggestion for a company name, and maybe even a slogan.

If you are chosen I will send you some hair and skin products to sample...for free.

What will you get...

I don't know..but it will be good I promise :)


S.L.P said...

"Rose of Sharon" as the company name and "Dark and Lovely" for your dark skin product line:o)

Anonymous said...

cool beans~not sure on names or anything...but am excited about purchasing these for the boysies.

Tova said...

Is that why you never sent me your recipes... :) I would rather buy them ready made anyway.

How about: Manna as the company. As in Manna Hair Care? And you could use the word abundant in the slogan.
'Abundant locks' ???? That's my try for the day. Let me know when I can start buying!?!?! Excited! And don't tell me you won't be able to ship to Canada!

JoAnna said...

"GIVE" : "Grooming Immediately Valued Eternally"

Or "Groomed Image Valued Eternally" or "Grooming Improved Valued Eternally"

How fun! I just found your blog today... but adoption is SOOOO my heart!! I think I'll have to stick around a while. :)