Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I've Made Contact!

Since this all began I have been searching the net from some one else who has adopted from Welcome Home. Last night the Lord answered my prayer and I found one! I have not been able to communicate with her much, but she seems just as excited to find me as I am to find her. She says she met William and Melissa and that they are two of the cutest (yeah, I think I already new that one:) and sweetest kids. She says her children are doing wonderful, a total blessing. They traveled last June. I am so thankful, as this greatly puts my mind at ease. Honestly I am such a pessimist. I have been thinking this is going too well, this all seems too easy, it must not be true. Turns out it is, all is as it seems. Praise the Lord! On the same forum, another woman emailed me telling me her sister and brother-in-law adopted from there. She also worked there for several months. She says it truly is a wonderful place, and the children are well loved and cared for. I am really starting to get much for having a nice strong wall in place until all is said and done :)