Friday, January 18, 2008

USCIS Letter of Acceptance

We got our letter of acceptance from Home Land Security today!!! We also received our fingerprinting appointment for Feb. 7, 2008. This is very good! Please keep praying that this all goes through quickly and smoothly. They still have not given us any contact information, I think you have to be a special agent or something to actually talk to one of these people. Maybe I should get Anna Marie on it :) They did check one box for more information. They actually asked "This office received two i600a applications with fees from you. Is it your intention to file 2 separate applications? Please clarify and submit a written request with your intentions." Nope, I mistakenly sent you an extra $750...what was I thinking? Anyway, this is one of those opportunities for paper work to get lost, so pray when I send our letter of intent, it gets to the right person and in our file right away.

On a side note, I removed the pictures of the children because there is currently a case in Ethiopia where the parents were actually not allowed to adopt because they had pictures of the children on the web before the adoption was final. This is an Ethiopian law, however since I don't know if the same applies in Uganda, I removed them until I can clarify with Mandy that it is OK. If it is all right for us to post them, then I will post some newer photos of them. They are growing so fast, they have already changed quite a bit.

This is a blog I found. This family adopted from another orphanage in Jinja, this is a great article, on our adoption as sons and dughters. Hope you enjoy!


delighting in Jesus said...

Melissa And Richard- We are praising God right now for this answer to prayer.....He is Good.