Friday, March 7, 2008

A Time For Action

There is a battle going on in this country, and I am afraid that many of us are unaware that it even exists. It is a battle for our children. It is being waged on every front, and if we, as parents, do not rise up and fight, we will loose. The spoils of this war will be the hearts and minds of our richest asset, our children. This applies not only to those who have been called to home school their children, but to all parents. If you know nothing on the UN Treaty on the rights of the child research and find out all you can about this horrible plan to remove our rights as parents to raise our children according to Biblical mandates. At least two of our presidential candidates have already said, they will ratify this treaty if elected. A good place to start is to click the button on the right. There you will find information to equip you for battle, and a petition to sign that is requesting a constitutional amendment for parental rights. Brothers and sisters our children do not belong to Cesar, they belong to the most High God. He has entrusted us with their care and upbringing. Entrusted us to teach them of Him, His Word, and His ways. If we lay complacent, our right to do this without governmental intrusion can and most likely will be lost.

A judge in California has recently, in a misuse of his power, sated that homeschooling in California is illegal, unless you are a certified teacher. Friends, this should deeply concern us, even if we are not homeschooling our children. This is yet another attack on parental rights, and it must be stopped. This will now set a legal president for all other states unless something is done. PLEASE, whether you are a home school family or not, go to and sign the petition, to try and stop this madness. PLEASE, if you are a home school family, and are not currently a member of HSDLA, become one, TODAY. The yearly membership fee, is a small price to pay to have people of wisdom and stature fighting daily on the front lines of this battle in our behalf. Not to mention the personal assistance they offer to each family, should the unthinkable happen, and their rights to school their children are called in to question. They have several payment options available, so that every family can afford this valuable service.

Finally, for those of you who might argue, that we are not of this world, that our citizenship is in Heaven I would encourage you to read Culture Shift by Albert Mohler. In particular the first chapter entitled Engaging the City of Man, Christian Faith and Politics. We are indeed citizens of Heaven, but God in His providence has issued to us a dual citizenship, if you will, for the time being. He has also issued to us the mandate to love our neighbor. Loving our neighbor demands that we get involved in this world. I pray we all do so today.


oatmeal kisses said...

Well said!! I couldn't agree more with you post and thanks so much for the info about Al Mohler's article.....very helpful!