Tuesday, December 23, 2008

13 Years

ago today my beloved and I wed. It was a beautiful winter day, with a wee bit of freshly fallen snow. Just enough to make the ground sparkly and white.

I adore this man.

I adore this man for a multitude of reasons, which I could never fully express.

I adore him because he loves and serves our Lord.

I adore him because he tucks each one of our children in bed each night. One by one, he tucks them in bed and prayers over them.

I adore him because he works diligently to provide for our family.

I adore him because he lets me put my cold feet on him at night.

I adore him because he makes me laugh.

I adore him because he will lay in bed with me each night before bed, and talk about whatever comes to mind. Even when he is tired, he will laugh with me, guide me, and correct me when I am in error.

I adore him because he is so very different than me. He loves adventure, travel, and all manner of scary things. He pushes me beyond where I would normally go.

I adore him because we are so very much alike. I cannot think of any major issue we don't agree on 100%. There are very few small ones that we have differing opinions on.

I adore him because he has a heart for orphans. When I can't sleep at night and find myself all worked up and in tears over the millions of children with out families...he agrees...he feels the same pain.

I adore him because he is never afraid to try something new.

I adore him because he calls me several times a day just to say hi and tell me he loves me.

I adore him because he takes my "passionate outbursts" and just rolls with them. He will sit back and let me rant and vent about whatever current event has me all worked up. When I am all done he will say with a smile, "Is there anything you can do about any of this?" If I say yes, he'll tell me to do it. If I say no, he'll tell me trust in God who is sovereign over all things.

I adore him because he is protective of me. When we walk along the street he always positions himself by the road. In a crowd he will walk in front and guide me, making sure the way in safe.

I adore him, because he is my dearest friend, my confidant, my lover, my spiritual leader, the father of my children. I adore him because he is the one I always feel safe to laugh with and cry with. I adore him because he has seen the ugliest parts of me, and still loves me. I adore him because he always is quick to forgive. Truly his love for me has covered a multitude of my sins.

I love you my dear...thank you for thirteen years. I wouldn't have spent them any other way.

Happy Anniversary