Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Night

Did I mention yesterday how much I love my beloved? No? Well let me tell you I love this guy.

Last night he took me on a surprise anniversary date....and this after I told my mom he just doesn't plan surprise things....shame on me.

First stop...drop off the kids at my dear friend April's. This was so we could have an uninterrupted evening. Without a million phone calls :) Thank you April and the rest of the clan.

Next stop is in San Antonio at the shooting range. Yes this was fun for me. I would show you a picture of our targets, but I think posting a picture of my green guy all shot up might somehow flag my blog as a potential threat to them...who ever they are. So in an effort not to draw attention to my already strange self, you will just have to take my word for it...I am a terrible shot.

Next stop was a Starbucks for cup of steamy joe...well for me it was a spiced apple cider. Then we boarded a horse drawn carriage. Much to my delight, I might add. This was all I really wanted to all the other events were just an added bonus. It was lovely riding through downtown San Antonio. The lights along the river walk, the cool night air, all the old buildings, and the sweet smell of Molly (our horse) made for a terribly romantic evening.

Our last stop was Wild Buffalo Wings for 49 cent wings. favorite....Richard....not so much. Still he endured all for the sake of love. Isn't that sweet?

He ended the evening, just like he does every year. He asked me to marry him. I told him I was already married to an awesome guy, who was a hottie to boot.

That made him smile.

Then he kissed me :)


S.L.P said...

That's so sweet! Merry Happy anniversary Christmas you two love birds!!!

lauradodson said...

Sounds like a very special evening indeed. :o)

Anonymous said...

M, I told him as he was at our house calling about the carriage ride that he was such a romantic, to which he mumbled - "not really." Which makes it even MORE romantic that he has NO IDEA what a romantic he is... haha

I'm glad you two had fun..he said you've been insane (married to him) for 13 years now...but we know the truth even if he finds it hard to believe - God has blessed both of you beyond words in your marriage..if I ever marry, I hope I am as close to my husband as you two are to each other. May God bless your future years together even more..Juli

Mom Of Many said...

Hi Melissa,
So nice to have you come out and say "hi"...

I am tickled you also have two from Uganda...they are beautiful and love, love, love the picture of the kids piled on top of each other....wonder if our 26 year old would go for being at the bottom of our pile?? I'll have to pray on that before I ask...LOL

Yippee Jesus for like-hearted families who long to have lots and lots of kids from anywhere and everywhere!!

From our snowy Colorado log cabin,