Monday, April 6, 2009

Memorial Box Monday

I love reading this blog. Not just because she is a fellow Uganda mama, although that is why I started reading her story to begin with. I am continually blessed by her faith and her love for Jesus. So I read. Every Monday she writes a memorial box Monday post. Their family has a memorial box, in which they place items that specifically remind them of God's faithfulness in their lives. On Monday's she has been writing about the items in their box. Starting today, I am going to be doing the same. It is so important to remember and look back upon God's faithfulness to us. In both the small and large things He remains faithful. Remembering His past faithfulness is an encouragement for us during current trials. Calling them to mind, will hopefully, for me, make me more aware of His every day faithfulness.

Memorial Box Monday

Our last week in Uganda I got sick. REALLY sick. I was infected with a drug resistant strain of Malaria. Despite the fact that I had taken Malerone and covered myself from head to toe in off everyday. I ended up in the hospital for iv treatment. While there, I also came down with amoebic dysentery. Not a pleasant experience in and of itself...coupled with Malaria, it was brutal. As I was waiting for Richard to come back from the embassy, so I could finally get back to our guest house, I was praying. I was lamenting to the Lord that I really wished I had brought some good probiotics with me. I was certain that if I could just have some probiotics I would feel so much better. Knowing full well that I wasn't going to find anything like that in Uganda, I looked forward to being home in four days, so I could have some. Hoping that my stomach would then be able to mend. We returned to the guest house and a missionary team had just arrived from the states. One of the team members, Harriet, said to me, "I brought some probiotics with me, I think they would really help you. Would you be willing to take some?" Would I be willing? Every time I think of her, which is quite often, I thank God for using her. I didn't even have the faith to ask the Lord for them, just complain to Him about my lack of forethought and planning. He saw fit to bless me, and remind me yet again of His love. He knew I was going to get sick. He knew what I was going to need. He knew I would lack the faith to ask. He knew He would bring me some all the way from Pennsylvania. He knew, at that very moment, I was going to feel so unbelievably loved by my Savior.

That is why when we finally get our memorial box, it will contain porbiotics.


Gaunt Family said...

I love it! That story reminds me of our Friday evening last week. Sometimes all you have to do is wish for it and it appears. That is God saying, "See? I AM listening."

jena said...

I love it too!