Thursday, April 16, 2009

Signs, signs, Every Where There's Signs

Our family attended the San Antonio Tea Party yesterday. After I dutifully sent off our check to the Internal Robbing Revenue Service, we headed out, all five children in tow, to brave the crowds at the Alamo. As usual, the liberal media is practically ignoring this event. I swear the San Antonio Express News is one of the most liberal rags in this country, but I digress. We had a wonderfully long day. Police estimated that 16,000 people attended this event. A peaceful and encouraging event. Which one really should not expect from extremists, such as those who attended this event. One would have expected much more violence and anarchy out of such gun toting terrorists.

I will be breaking this day up into two separate posts. I took way too many pictures and have way too much to say, thus the need for two posts. The first will consist of my favorite signs. This was a peaceful demonstration, afforded us by our great constitution, that the leaders in this country seem to have forgotten about, again I digress. As a peaceful demonstration, many attendees had signs of various designs.

Some like these, made me laugh.

Some had simple messages. So simple in fact, that it seems that some of the "less extreme" among us can't seem to grasp the message.

Some were down right poignant. Like this one. Yes, it looks like a bloody mess (that's bloody as in BLOOD by the way, not a British derogatory term) but the symbolism behind it, all I can say is WOW! This is a flag tradtioanlly flown in Goliad, TX. If you don't know your Texas history, this one is worth looking up. At any rate, the idea behind the flag is that they would have rather cut off their arm, than suffer under tyranny. In other words, the men of Texas would rather sacrifice life and limb for the cause of freedom, rather than continue to suffer under an oppressive government.

Of course, there was my personal favorite. Not directed to our out of control government, spending my children's money like they are a five year old, in the dollar store with two bucks burning a hole in their pocket. No, directed instead to my least favorite people on the planet. Loved the sign, and if you don't get it, then clearly you didn't watch any news this week.

More to come on the speakers and message of the event...and some AWESOME pictures of San well as my sweet little, flag wavin', newly immigrated, American citizens.


Gaunt Family said...

I am not qualified to comment on your country's poltics, but I do want to say that I am truly impressed by the innovative signs.

Anonymous said...

Aw man! I didn't hear about this until I saw it on O'Reilly & Hannity tonight...I would have found a way to participate if I'd known about it! I love how terrorists are called peaceful and how the peaceful are being called terrorists. I could go on forever, but I will stop now. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in.


(Yes, yes, leaving out my link and signing with initials, I'm just not up to drive by trollings tonight ...Sorry 'bout that)

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I read this the other day on a blog and thought it was SO true...I know you would agree..too bad most people don't recognize this to be true..your post reminded me of this, as you are hinting at the same premise...glad you guys took part! Juli

"The current political climate is directly related to who owns whom. And the lines being drawn in the public arena are along these very topics. How much of YOU does a government own. What is the moral rational for the government being able to come take what you have and give it to others? Who much power should the government have to compel you … to FORCE you to comply.

I am telling everyone who will listen the Tyranny is already here. We are in the second trimester of what will be born a very, very, very bloody fight. "