Monday, April 13, 2009

The Stinky River

Yesterday we had the brilliant idea to go to the park. Turns out it was not such a good idea, due to the fact that the entire population of Comal county was there, along with all their relatives from the surrounding counties. So we decided to go to a yucky and much less appealing lesser known location. The three younger ones wanted to get wet. The water was gross. They all smelled like pond scum when they got out. A year and a half of severe drought will do that to a river.

This girl will soon be locked up in a dragon guarded castle, her father informs me. Or at least a shot gun guarded four bedroom.

This girl will FINALLY be getting the speech therapy she needs. Three times a week with much homework. We are praying for some quick progress. We are all getting frustrated, especially her. Isn't she cute. Her swimming suit matched the broken eggs all over the ground.

This guy wanted to go fishing instead....

This guy has rickets. So when we got there, I took off his shirt and told him to make some vitamin D. When I snapped this picture I asked him if he was making vitamin D like I told him to. He replied, "No, I'm picking up rocks." In such a tone, as to say, "Duh mom, clearly I am picking up rocks."

That's what he did the whole time...pick up rocks...throw rocks...repeat.
I'm pretty sure he made some vitamin D too.
I didn't get a good picture of the other guy. This nearly fourteen year old would have rather been someplace other than a stinky dried up place in particular...just someplace else. Hence the lack of a flattering picture. He's a good guy complaining. He just sat back and enjoyed the view.


Anonymous said...

oooh fun day! sorry it stunk, the river that is.

we went to that little 'park' off common st. the other day,sat in the grass, smelled the mossy river, and ate a popsicle from the health food store. just me and caleb.

we made lots of vitamin d.

Gaunt Family said...

Man how I wish it was "that" close to summer here!
You take beautiful photos Melissa.