Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Must Be Confusing to Be a Kid

Apparently Noah and Kaleb were very excited to get to share the good news of visas to William and Marissa. They let them know that the Dodson's had received their visas and could now go get their friends and bring them home. Fantastic news!

Fast forward to today.

William just asked me, "So mama the Dodson's got their pizzas?"

I wonder if he has been thinking the last 24 or so hours, "Man we have pizza once a week, what's up with the Dodson's not being able to get it?" I'm also wondering if it all makes sense to him because we ate pizza in London, so surly you must need pizza in order to come to America.


lauradodson said...

Hysterical!!! William is a keeper for sure! Tell him our flights leave Sept. 12...unless he has $13,000-$26,000 in his back pocket. If so, then we can go sooner. ;o)

Anonymous said...

yay.....I'm so Glad for you guys:)

Your brother in Christ

jena said...

Oh! Happy Dance!!!! Thanks for sharing the great news!!!! Yeah Dodson family!!!

Transformed from glory to glory said...

Melissa, can I PLEASE post your comments on my blog??!! Those are my exact words, heart and beliefes. Where have you been all my life, haha :-)

Shonni said...

I can't wait to get to know you better. I love what you wrote on Transformed's (, blog!! I had the opportunity to meet her and a few of her children when we were in Uganda...she is so precious.
Thank you so much for what you wrote!
We are busy today, but I look forward to getting to know your family.