Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish you all a happy and blessed 2008. I had a nice conversation with Mandy (the woman who runs Welcome Home). She said William and Melissa are both doing very well. They decided to go ahead and start them on their english classes, rather than wait for the i600a approval. This is good news, the longer they have training the more they will be able to communicate their needs to us...YEAH! Please pray they learn quickly. She also let me know that rather than sending all our paper work to Uganda via DHL, it will be hand delivered by some missionaries going in January...another big blessing. This will save us a couple of weeks time. I need to get their scapbook done today, so I can send it on Thursday. Please also pray our i600a gets approved in record time. As soon as that is approved, William and Melissa will be given the scrapbook and told they have a family waiting for them.