Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a quick update. All the paperwork USCIS requested should be in San Antonio tomorrow. Please pray that this will be sufficient for them to issue our we can go bring our children home. Our social worker recommended that we give them two weeks from the time they receive it to hear a reply. If we don't hear anything then we will contact our senator and Congress to get the ball rolling. It is a sad but true fact that they handle this stuff all the time, and actually have somebody on staff to handle all immigration problems.

We are still short all of the money we need for air fare. It still looks like it is going to be between $6500-$8000 for plane tickets. The difference is between traveling in June or July. We still need about $2000 for the fees and such while in Uganda as well. The Lord has graciously provided nearly $20,000 so far, and we are confident He will supply the rest. We are thankful for those of you who have given money, time, and prayers. Your support means the world to us.

Mandy is leaving for Uganda on the 5th of April (we had really hoped to be there at the same time as she is...but it is just not God's will that we be there in April)We asked if there was anything the orphanage needed or anything we could send for the mums that work there. The following was her reply:

"If you want to help the mums of the home see if you can possibly drum up some new monthly supporters of the home. If we don't get more funds in I may have to cut back the staff and they all really need their jobs. I could send you some brochures to use if you would like.
The dollar is really hurting us at this time and it is going to go a lot lower from what I hear. We are already down over a quarter of the value since I took over in 2003. The bank is telling us it will go way lower. Today was its lowest so far. It makes it hard because the price of everything just keeps going up over there as well as here. Petrol and food and formula costs are very high.
I am a bit scared for the first time at the responsibility of the 64 little ones and all the staff to feed and maintain the home. We are supported by the little people of the US. It is not big companies etc it is everyday Americans.
Every Missionary has to be feeling the pinch of the devaluing dollar"

This is a wonderful orphanage, the people there strive to serve the Lord in so many ways...from caring for the orphans and the women who care for them, to the ministry in the nearby villagers, bringing them the message of the gospel. If you can give, anything, please do. If you click the link on the left that says William and Melissa's orphanage it will take you to their home page where you can find out how to make a tax deducible donation on line.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Facts

The facts:

1. Several people in various governmental and law departments in the State of Kansas, informed us that there was not going to be any way to fix this. They just do not "take back " warrants they told us.

2. None of these various entities cared that we had done what we were supposed to do, and that there should not be a warrant to begin with.

3. A lawyer paid to do a job, should do that job, and see it to completion.

4. Our God does not care what the governmental or law enforcement agencies have to say.

5. We have a completed disposition on the way, stating that we cleared this up, four years ago when it was brought to our attention.

6. There is no longer a warrant.

7. Our lawyer, feels the same way about #3 as we do, and has seen this though, to completion.

8. There is still a pesky person on a power trip at the police station, refusing to issue a copy of the arrest report, to either us or the lawyer. USCIS has requested this information, so we have to have it. Please pray for a change of heart, so that we can get on our way to bringing these children home.

God is good. He is faithful. To Him be all glory, honor, and praise.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Time For Action

There is a battle going on in this country, and I am afraid that many of us are unaware that it even exists. It is a battle for our children. It is being waged on every front, and if we, as parents, do not rise up and fight, we will loose. The spoils of this war will be the hearts and minds of our richest asset, our children. This applies not only to those who have been called to home school their children, but to all parents. If you know nothing on the UN Treaty on the rights of the child research and find out all you can about this horrible plan to remove our rights as parents to raise our children according to Biblical mandates. At least two of our presidential candidates have already said, they will ratify this treaty if elected. A good place to start is to click the button on the right. There you will find information to equip you for battle, and a petition to sign that is requesting a constitutional amendment for parental rights. Brothers and sisters our children do not belong to Cesar, they belong to the most High God. He has entrusted us with their care and upbringing. Entrusted us to teach them of Him, His Word, and His ways. If we lay complacent, our right to do this without governmental intrusion can and most likely will be lost.

A judge in California has recently, in a misuse of his power, sated that homeschooling in California is illegal, unless you are a certified teacher. Friends, this should deeply concern us, even if we are not homeschooling our children. This is yet another attack on parental rights, and it must be stopped. This will now set a legal president for all other states unless something is done. PLEASE, whether you are a home school family or not, go to and sign the petition, to try and stop this madness. PLEASE, if you are a home school family, and are not currently a member of HSDLA, become one, TODAY. The yearly membership fee, is a small price to pay to have people of wisdom and stature fighting daily on the front lines of this battle in our behalf. Not to mention the personal assistance they offer to each family, should the unthinkable happen, and their rights to school their children are called in to question. They have several payment options available, so that every family can afford this valuable service.

Finally, for those of you who might argue, that we are not of this world, that our citizenship is in Heaven I would encourage you to read Culture Shift by Albert Mohler. In particular the first chapter entitled Engaging the City of Man, Christian Faith and Politics. We are indeed citizens of Heaven, but God in His providence has issued to us a dual citizenship, if you will, for the time being. He has also issued to us the mandate to love our neighbor. Loving our neighbor demands that we get involved in this world. I pray we all do so today.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I suppose it is about time for an update. We called Monday, to the district court in Kansas to get the disposition for Richard's DUI case from 1993. Needless to say, we were in no way prepared for what we were told. The woman at the office (who by the way is so kind and very helpful, everyone has been so far...praise God, because if we had to be dealing with rude people on a power trip right now it would be much more difficult)(sorry, for the bunny trail)told us that she could not issue a disposition because one had never been issued. She told me it was still an open case, and Richard has a bench warrant from 1993 still outstanding. Something tells me USCIS will not like this recent turn of events. Now please understand this leaves us very confused as we have a letter from our lawyer stating it was all settled and taken care of and a receipt from the district court. So we called the lawyer, and let him know this was not handled, and called the county attorney to try and figure out what is going on. The file shows that the fine was paid, but something is still very wrong, because of the outstanding warrant. They are working to get to the bottom of this. However the district attorney made it very clear, that there may be no easy way to do this, and it may require Richard turning himself in. Again, something tells me USCIS will not be to willing to allow us to adopt when Richard just spent time in jail, and it "looks" like he has been avoiding this for nearly 15 years.
I very much want to glorify God in this, but I must confess I am having a very difficult time dealing with the very real reality that these children might not be coming home. This is a huge problem, and I know the Lord can break down this road block, if He so wills. This is yet another situation that shows me that I am weak and I lack faith.
"Count it all joy my brothers when ever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance, and perseverance must finish it's work so that you may be mature and complete not lacking anything." James 1:2-4
I want to be mature and complete, not lacking anything in my faith, so that I may rightly fulfill my purpose, for which I have been made: To glorify God and enjoy Him forever. So, I am trying to count it all joy, because my faith is being tested, and it's end is me knowing and seeing God more clearly.
We have a dear friend in Uganda, Ivan. He knows we are adopting and has been praying. We stay in contact through email. He has no idea of the current events, and sent us this email today (please keep in mind, he is Ugandan, so his English is not so great, but very sweet)
Richard and family,
"Hello dear beloved, how are you doing over there, well am praying for you and tomorrow am going to be fasting for you , you know am in fasting but tomorrow am giving it for you , God to make for you away where it seems to be no way, i my self i have seen the Lord doing that and am so thankful to Him, and am very sure the Lord can do it to you, let us keep our trust in Him.In His due time His going to do it and we will be like dreaming."
God is good, His spirit moves upon His people, and teaches them how to pray. What a blessing, what a joy, what a comfort.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well, we received our expected discouraging letter from USCIS today. I say expected, because everyone we have talked with has had nothing but problems with the San Antonio office. They want an addendum for several items on the home study...most of which are already included in the home study. They also want certified letters of the arrest report and certified letters of court documents, from Richard's arrest. This happened over 14 years ago, and the likely hood of us being able to get this is slim to none. USCIS states however, they will settle of certified letters form both entities stating that they have no record of the arrest or court proceedings. So please pray that we can get all this information compiled and sent to them this week. On a good note:
We prayed Wednesday night that we would receive something from USCIS this week...and we did. Not exactly what I had hoped for, but it does tell me they are at least working on our case. It appears that this is all that stands in the way of us bringing the children home...well that a several thousand dollars...but hey I call this progress!