Saturday, May 9, 2009

Conversation With My 5 Year Old

William hates having hair. He is always asking me, "Mommy, you make my hair all gone?" I always ask, "Do you want me to cut it shorter?" To which he replies, "No, cut it all gone."


Today, I finally got around to fulling his quest for a bald head.

Later I thought I would have a nice deep probing conversation with him, as he is quite willing to share these days.

I asked, "William, what makes you happy?"

"Having my hair all gone."

"Really? What makes you sad?"

"Letting my hairs grow and grow."

Oh to be five, and have your happiness hang in the balance of hair growth.


Janet said...

Cute! My boys always want their hair buzzed because then they don't have to comb it. :-)

Anonymous said...

oh goodness! too cute.

Transformed from glory to glory said...

I love the last post! Great....Yes, people like to make comments about the "great thing we are doing," ahhh! They obviously do not see the inside of my heart. But, thanks be to God through Jesus Christ who leads us in triumph. I have so much to learn. As for your comment on my newest post, I too am not out to find sin in my kids life but you better bet I am going to deal with it when it is right in front of me--I call sin sin. I am going to now take the time to read through your latest posts--it has been a long time.