Friday, May 8, 2009

That's Beside the Point

I loaded up the brood, and took them to Marble Slab today. Had me a hankerin' for some sweet cream with sprinkles for quite some time now. Quite frankly, after the week I had, I deserved some good ice cream. The very sweet man behind the counter asked, "Do you have a school or something?" I love this question, as if five children makes for a school. Of course in our case it actually does...but that's beside the point. I laughed, then told him, that they are in fact all mine. Then I told him about our little Ugandan ones. He asked a bunch of questions, then said, "That is fabulous. I love it. The world needs more people like you." Um, no the world does not need more people like me. I'm just not sure the world could handle another me. Trust me I have issues, but again that is beside the point. I told him, "Yes, the world does need more people who will adopt, there is such a huge need." As I was paying our bill, trying to remember how I justified this extravagant ice cream trip ($20 for ice cream...seriously what was I thinking...oh yes, I was thinking I somehow deserved it) the nice man behind the counter said, "I want you to pick two pints from the freezer, from me, for the children."


Free Marble Slab???

For the children????

Somehow, he must have figured out that I was the blessed one...because he sure didn't give ME any ice cream. But that's beside the point.


Anonymous said...

Love this!

Plus, maybe we'll get in on the deal too, ya think? LOL.

Glad he made your day and your kiddos were blessed as well.

Janet said...

That made me want to cry, it was so nice. Thanks for that!

S.L.P said...

So next time I go to Marble Slab you're gonna let me borrow a couple right? J/K! That's wonderful! Was he a tall older white guy? If that's him he was in training the last time we went in, seemed real nice then too!

berrytribe said...

So good!! A school is way better than a daycare-that's what we got asked last week!! :) And ice cream to boot-WOW!! Yippee for that!! :)