Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hard Adjustment

I have had the most terrible time of adapting back to a "normal American" life. It has been nearly a year since we left for Africa, and my eyes were further opened. I cannot shake form my mind the images of poverty, illness, starvation, and orphaned children. The images of human suffering are always there, always on my heart. The I read articles like this one

I live in such extravagance. They with such want.

My children eat three healthy meals everyday. They are lucky to eat a meal every couple of days.

My children have clean water, with the turn of a faucet. They have filthy water, that cause them to have severe illness and disease. Because of their water, their babies have little chance of survival to age 5.

My children have access to excellent medical care. Their children die, because they can't afford a couple of dollars for malaria medication.

I can take my children for $20 in ice cream. There are people who have to survive on a $1.00 worth of millet, for their entire family for over a week.

I have a home, that shelters my children from the harsh elements. They sleep on streets, dirt floors, and live in squalor.

We have clothing and shoes that fit. They are neither too small or too large. When they get worn, I don't even repair them. I buy new. They wear the same worn clothes day after day. Shoes are a luxury, having shoes that actually fit is a rarity.

Yes, it's hard to adjust back to a normal American life, when you know people created in God's image suffer so much. Die each day, horrible preventable deaths...with out the gospel.

It's hard to adjust.

I don't know if I want to.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder...

i know i'll be seeing my fair share shortly, and will come home changed.

it is one thing to know such abject poverty/suffering exists, it's another to see it for yourself.

i pray i never forget what i witness.

berrytribe said...

I cry- this region in the north is where my children's birth family live- and why they had to make a better choice for these precious ones who now call me mommy. I totally get this. I struggle with why it is that I live here and they live there. I agree- I don't want to become complacent or take this for granted.