Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheap Therapy

I guess I need to make Monday "Double Post Monday." Seems as though I always have too much to say on Monday. Vent with me will you?

Why has my Wal-Mart been out of cream of mushroom soup for almost two months? TWO MONTHS people! I have had it up to here with that stinkin' place. They NEVER have stocked shelves. If it was only the soup, I wouldn't vent...but it is many other items I need. Like fiber, but I will leave that for another post...or maybe not.

Why is the gym synonymous with anger for me? Why must there always be such irritating people on the news? Really, do they do searches for the most ignorant people to interview? I really must find something else to do other than watching the news while working out. It can't be good for my blood pressure.

Speaking of getting angry at the gym...I had a double dose today. Here I am trying desperately to tone up my arms, minding my own business when what do I see? A man covered in Obama buttons, wearing a shirt that says "Pastors for Peace" Let me tell you I wanted to give this guy peace all right. A big ol' piece of my mind. He is a pastor and voting for Obama? Could someone please help me to understand how someone could teach the word of God and be voting for Obama. I just don't get it...really I don't. Unless he is not really reading his Bible...that makes sense. A pastor that teaches the word of God, but doesn't read it. That would probably be how we got to where we are in the good ol' US of A.

So, when we are in the Obamanation, and we have socialized medicine, will I have better luck than I have now? Can I expect to be able to make an appointment and actually see a doctor before January 13, 2009? Seriously...can I expect better service? You don't have to answer that...I already know the answer.

How is this for weird...I walked into my bedroom and thought, "I better close the widow, it is getting chilly in here." Immediately after I had the thought, the window slammed shut. Was that answered prayer...or should I find an exorcist?

Ah, now I feel better. Venting is such cheap therapy :)


Janet said...

We have socialized medicine here in Canada and I can assure's NOT all it's cracked up to be! People don't even have a family doc, never mind are able to make an appointment! It's CRAZY!!!

Gaunt Family said...

I want to agree with Janet (we live in the same province, by the way). I currently need to see a TMJ specialist. Once they received my referral, they called me to let me know that they will call with my appointment date IN 18-24 MONTHS! It is not all it is cracked up to be, but I have to also say that I feel comforted knowing that everyone gets treated whether or not they have money. There are always 2 edges to the sword. Do you feel better after venting? I always do!

laurad said...

ok. so i'm giggling at your expense. sorry. and this obamanation thing...Maranatha! What else is there to say?

oh. and go the HEB, they always have mushroom soup. i hate with a passion WM. i do my dead level best to stay out of there...don't always succeed...but sure do try.

Transformed said...

I found your blog randomly. We have four Ugandan children--three of whom are from Amani. Our newest little one has sickle cell disease. We have been missionaries within the country for over four years!