Monday, October 6, 2008


Yesterday was the annual Life Chain event. We had not had one in our town for quite some time. Despite the fact that I am seriously pro-life, I hemmed and hawed about going. Does it really matter? Does it make a difference? Are lives really saved? Are lives really changed? These are all questions I asked myself as I searched for an excuse not to attend. When the time came to decide, I figured not wanting to stand outside along the street for an hour was not a good enough excuse...and it was my only one.

The seven of us packed up and headed down town. We had a plan, if the young ones acted up, my beloved would take them to play. There was no need. They helped to hold our signs the first thirty minutes. When they tired of that, they sat down and dug dirt out of the cracks in the sidewalk. The poignancy was not lost on me as I stood holding a sign that read "Adoption the Loving Option" while my children helped to hold the sign. Their sweet dark skin in such contrast to my own, a beautiful reminder of how thankful I am that their mothers chose life for them.

As we stood on the sidewalk yesterday there were what the pro-choice community would call reasons why we need abortion in this country.

Two people down was a beautiful young woman holding a sign that read "Abortion Hurts Women" She is a living example of how beautiful the choice of life is. She has Down Syndrome. Her mother stood proudly beside her. Statistics tell us that as much as 90% of women who find themselves in the same circumstance this woman did, choose abortion.

My dear friend and I were there yesterday. Both of us found ourselves at 17 unmarried, and pregnant. Many would say we were fine examples of why we need abortion. So many would say we were too young, inexperienced, and poor to care for these children. We are both so glad we chose life for our children. Kaleb and David were both there yesterday. Both of them fine examples of a wonderful life.

I know of at least one woman there that found herself in that same circumstance. She too chose life for her child. Then painfully and lovingly trusted her child to another family to love and raise. She doesn't not regret her decision to choose life.

The two beautiful children at my feet, born into a country of extreme poverty, war, over population, and disease. All reasons pro abortion advocates would say we need abortion. I disagree. They are created in the image of their Heavenly Father. Fashioned by Him. Loved by Him.

Undoubtedly there were men and women there who have suffered the tragedy of abortion. They found freedom, forgiveness, and healing in Jesus.

I am sure if I had taken the time to talk to more people, I would find within each one the reason why they value life. For some it may be simply the Love of the Father in them. Others may have a far deeper reason, one that changed their lives forever. Whatever the reason, we stood together yesterday. We prayed for those hurt by abortion, for those who perform abortions, and for our government to make wise and God honoring decisions about abortion.

I prayed for the men and women who drove by. Some of them thrilled with what we were doing. I prayed that God would give them a passion to get involved...somewhere.

Some would refuse to even look our way. I wonder how many of those downcast eyes need to know that there is no sin so great the blood of Jesus can't cover.

I wonder if they need to know, there is no hurt too great, the love of the Father can't heal.

I wonder if someone will tell them there is healing and forgiveness waiting for them.

I wonder if the young girls that went by with their parents, will remember what they saw yesterday. If one of those signs will be burned into their mind. Perhaps one day, encouraging them to choose life.


Janet said...

I think it's worth it to just stand up and be counted. To let people know that life is the best choice, to let people know that there are those who have chosen life, despite the hardships.