Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Lion's Den

This evening I had the privilege of attending the theatrical debut of what is sure to be one of the greatest and longest running Broadway shows of all time. Not only did I have the best seats in the house, I was also able to meet all the cast and crew. What a night! I know you are just dying for all the details and behind the scenes pictures, so I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

The Lion's Den

Written and Produced by

Set and Costume Design


as the lion

as the child

as the mother

Now for the review:

The Lion's Den is a nail biting thriller, that leaves audiences on the edge of their seat. The mother masterfully played by the amazingly talented Grace, was convincing in her roll as mother.

Wanting only to finish up preparing dinner she sends her only daughter out to play. When she warns, "Be careful of the lion." one can almost cut the suspense with a knife.

The daughter, is played by the stunningly gorgeous Ugandan native Marissa.

She plays her small but important part well. As she leaves the safety of her home, her carefree and childlike fearlessness comes shinning through. Surly no lion would ever dare eat her.

As good as these two up and coming stars were, the show clearly belonged to the lion. Masterfully played by the young man, William.

While this was his first major theatrical role, he did have a smaller lesser known role a couple of weeks ago. In his previous role he played an Australian outback man. His costume in this production is what he was most known for. He created quite an uproar when he wore only a kangaroo skin on stage during the production. I managed to find this photo of him during this role.

This dashing young man could not have been more convincing in his role as a soft squishy...I'm sorry, as a mean, angry, man eating lion. As he drags the young girl off to his den, you cannot help but fear him. When he climbs to the top of his mountain, and you see the giant spiders, one wonders if they could possibly be real.

I wish I could tell you how this thriller ended, but strangely during the show, the two young cast members revolted against the director and stormed off the set. One to play the piano the other to talk to the nearby reporter. Perhaps their is an imminent strike on the set of The Lion's Den. Only time will tell, but I do hope all is resolved soon. I don't know how I will be able to sleep tonight wondering about the young girl. Will she escape? Has the lion eaten her? What about the mother, when she goes looking for her lost child, will she too fall prey to the terribly cute...I mean scary lion?

Perhaps this trio will be reunited, and the show will indeed go on.


Janet said...

I would PAY to see that show....LOL!

S.L.P said...

Ha ha...that's awesome. So we must have interupted practice when we came by yesterday. I must say My Nator was quite disturbed by the cute errr...scary lion child.

lauraddosn said...

aw! Those kidos are CUTE. All of 'em. What a fun play...reminds me of all the plays I used to subject my mom to. :o) ... except mine consisted of singing tv commericals. "I can bring home the bacon....fry it up in the pan..." Yep. Scary. You may be to young to remember that one but it was a commercial for Enjoli perfume. fyi.