Monday, October 6, 2008

Not Me Monday

Two posts in one day? Yep that's right. It is nearly tomorrow and I still need to post my not me Monday. So with out further ado....

I did not inadvertently do a blog post in Wing Ding. That would be so embarrassing. Especially if I didn't know, because on my computer it automatically translated. That would just be crushing to my ego. No way I would do that.

I did not sit and reminisce about Uganda. I most certainly did not think about how much I missed being chased by small adorable children crying out "Mzungu, Mzungu How are you?" Missing the feeling of being adored by so many, would be a clear indicator that I need more embarrassments like blogging in Wing Ding. So I would not be doing any of that.

I did not want to stand up and give Noah a high five in Chick-Fil-A. Him putting down his chicken and politely staring back at the table of women staring at us until they resumed eating, did not make me nearly choke on my waffle fry.

I did not have immense feelings of thankfulness that Grace is always with me to answer questions the way I want to, instead of the way I have to. Like when the above mentioned women finally asked their barrage of adoption questions, which inevitably always includes, "Are they brother and sister?" I did not chuckle when she said "Yes, of course they are." after I said "no they are not biological siblings."

Lastly, I did not just sit here and worry about spelling Mzungu correctly. Can you believe that is not on spell check. Come on Blogger...what's up with that.


Gaunt Family said...

I can SOOO relate to the one about whether they are brother and sister. I am getting it several times a day and they aren'teven home yet! My answer is always, "Not yet," with a smile.

Janet said...

I miss that too! " are you?" I loved it!

amy smith said...

hi, our family is interested in adopting from uganda, and we are having a difficult time finding out anything about the process... any info and insight you have would be so helpful!
you can access my e-mail through the "about me" section on my blog!
thank you!