Friday, October 10, 2008


I am getting really tired of going to various doctors, and being the delight of their day because I offer some strange and exotic condition. It all started when we arrived home from Uganda, and I couldn't seem to shake that malaria. So I go to my family doctor, and after speaking to me at length and asking like a million questions he says, "This is very interesting. Now I have to figure out what to do with you." Nice huh? So he sends me to this wonderful infectious disease doctor, who happens to be from India, and a malaria expert. She tells me, "This is fascinating I never GET to deal with this kind of thing around here." Get to? Well, I am at your service ma'am, any other illness I can contract for you? I have this thing...for lack of a better word on my eye. It has been there since we got home from Africa. It is this small clear spot on my eye. I touched it with tweezers (oh, come on, you know you would have touched too), it's kind of resembles a popcorn hull...only smaller and clear. Lately it has been really red. I have been walking around looking like I am either incredibly intoxicated or depressed. So I finally went to the eye doctor yesterday. There I am sitting in her little chair with my head pushed up against that stupid machine, while she shines her light in my eyes. She says, "Huh, that's interesting, you have one on this eye too, but it is not red like the other one." There is that word again, interesting. Couldn't she just tell me I have pink eye or something simple like that? Then she tells me she is pretty sure it is just some sort of infection, writes me a prescription for some steroid/antibiotic/anti-inflammatory eye gel, and sends me on my way. I told Richard last night, if some African worms come crawling out of my eyes...I may never emotionally recover. He just loves my worst case scenario outlook on life.

This case of being interesting is even happening to my daughter. I had called to speak with the school district about a speech evaluation for Marissa. She does this thing, where she turns her tongue upside down when she talks. So the good doctor calls me back and says "This case is just fascinating, I would love to meet with you today or Thursday."

Yep, that's us... one interesting and fascinating family.


S.L.P said...

Ha ha! Even without your medical ailments you and your wonderful family are quite interesting. I'll make a point to tell you that in reference to some none agitating medical illness.

a daughter of the king said...

Hey, I tagged you!


Janet said... of the women who used to work at W.C. had an aemoba in her eye....could it be that?

Melissa said...

Oh my Janet, that totally is going to stir up my hypochondriac side...I must go look that up right NOW!!!!