Wednesday, March 4, 2009


  • Adoption fundraiser for my friend Keltie, coming up. Stay tuned to find out how you can win a fabulous prize....and how you can help! Details tomorrow.

  • Conversation in the truck on the way to church
Grace: "William, say Connor really loud so mommy can hear you."
William: "Connor really loud so mommy can hear you."
The entire car, well everyone but William, erupts with laughter.
William: "Hey, whatsa so funny bout dat!"
  • Amour thyroid ROCKS!!!!!!! I have been taking synthroid for years. My hair still falls out, I still feel like poop, my skin is still dry...the symptoms go on and on. 1 week on Armour and I feel FABULOUS!!!!!!! Man, I should have listened to my friend a year ago and switched then. Seriously, I feel like a new woman...I am ready to take on the world!!! Or at least the laundry pile.


Kori said...

I'll second the Armour thyroid!!!
I started taking it in December of last year, and I LOVE it!!! Way better than Levoxyl or Levothyroxine or Synthroid! My hair stopped falling out, too!!!

Occasionally, when I take out a ponytail holder thing, some hair comes out, but I'm not losing it, like I was!! Which, by the way, was RIDICULOUS!!!

By the way, did you have to ask the Dr to switch you to it, or did she suggest it? I am curious, since we have the same Dr. I asked her for it, and now, she continues to test my levels periodically. Anyway, if it doesn't do anything but let me keep my hair, then, I'm all for it!!!


Janet said...

I'm so glad your new medicine is working!

Keltie told me about your fundraiser idea. You are so kind!