Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Beloved

Oh, what a day. A day I am so thankful for. March 12, 1973. The day my beloved came screaming into this world. I love this guy, and not just because I have to.

I am so blessed to have been chosen as his bride. I cannot even begin to count all the ways he has blessed me. Those of you reading this who know me in real life, know that this man adores me in ways that I do not deserve. He truly does his best to daily love me the way Christ loves the church. He is ever so patient with me...and believe me that is a feat.

I have had the joy of watching this man fall in love with Jesus and as a result reaped so many rewards. I am constantly amazed at the work the Lord has done in his life.

His father died when his mother was just five months pregnant with him. He never knew him. Despite this, the Lord has shaped him into a wonderful father, who adores his children. As my sons are getting older, I see in them the example of their dad. They are respectful of women, kind and compassionate, have a witty sense of humor, are not afraid to try new tasks. They are hard working, and are constantly coming up with new ideas never afraid of failure. All traits passed on to them by their father. I am thrilled to look at them, and know that the example they have as young men is of one who loves the Lord and strives daily to bring Him glory in all he does.

Richard is not often loud and boisterous about his faith. He just has a quite resolve to know and enjoy God. He trusts the Lord whole heartily, and often has humbled me with his faith.

My beloved is however very outspoken about about what he believes is right. He is never afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

He is such a hard worker. He would prefer to spend his days with his wife and children, but knows he can't make a living doing he goes out day after day, doing back breaking work, to provide for us, and making a way for me to stay at home and do the work I so dearly love.

He puts up with my wild out bursts, my political frustrations, my mood swings, my lack of faith, and my temper. He laughs at my jokes. Is an endless source of encouragement. Always points me back to my Savior. He is my dearest earthly friend and he is a hottie too. I am so thankful for this man, my husband, the father of my children, my beloved.

The greatest part of all, is that when he reads this, he will simply reply, "It is all the Lord's work in me. What a Savior I have, to love me enough to save me and change me."

I love you Stitch...even though you snore....Happy Birthday :)


Gaunt Family said...

Will people PLEASE stop making me cry?! I could have written this same post about my husband, well except he was born in '75 ;-). We are so blessed Melissa.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Richard, Happy Birthday to you.


Ya say it's ya birthday? Danananna
Well its my birthday too yeah! Danananana...6 days ago...Happy Birthday to ya!

The Dodsons