Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Grandma

Today is my Grandma's mother's mom. I adore this woman. I was going to post a picture so the world could see how beautiful she is, but sadly, I discovered all my pictures from December have been deleted, so I don't have one handy.

As a child, like all kids, I adored my grandma. I loved spending time at her house. Thankfully I got to spend plenty of time over there because we would go over there every Friday night. I loved her as a child for all the normal grandma type reasons. She was kind, gentle, a great cook, and she loved me. As I grew up I began to see her in a very different light. I still thought she was all those wonderful things, but I began to think more about her life, and gained a whole new respect for her.

You see she has known her share of struggles and hardship. She raised six children, for the most part, by herself. She worked hard to provide for them, and worked diligently to teach them to always do what's right. She knows the deep pain of loosing a child, and having to face life when you just don't want to. I am amazed at what she has accomplished. While she might not say she has accomplished much, I see a woman who has accomplished much more than most could ever hope to. She has accomplished those things which matter most. I can honestly say I have absolutely zero negative memories of my grandma. She has always been cheerful and kind. I can't ever remember seeing her loose her temper. She has set an example of hard work and perseverance. She has made me laugh and loved me when I was entirely unlovable. Now that I am a woman, with a large family of my own, I am even more in awe of her. She has set for me an example of a life well lived. A life laid down for those around her. A life given in sacrifice. Not to mention she gave me my mommy...whom I love dearly. I have watched her stand by my mom and love her through the most difficult time in her life. My grandma is strong and loving as ever.

I am sad that you can't see her in all her silver haired beauty. I am even more sad you haven't been blessed to know her as I have.

Happy Birthday Grandma...I love you so very much.


Gaunt Family said...

You have been very blessed. She sounds like a truly amazing person. Happy birthday Melissa's grandma!

Anonymous said...

Besides this being a lovely post (Happy Birthday Grandma)...I can see what YOU were up to today while trying busy yourself not doing taxes...and not talking to me...CUTE new look to the blog. :o)