Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The other day I totally rocked on the Wii ski. Got first place I did. Cheering myself on, I said to William, "Oh yeah William, who rocks!!??" To which he replied, "Jesus!"

My sweet Grace lost three more teeth this past week. Cuteness personified. My friend Kori was right, no awkward stage for this girl.

My Ugandan children love the Sound of Music. Marissa cracks me up, she can act out nearly every scene. Now if it would only help her language skills.

I attended one of the best weddings I have ever been to on Saturday. All I can say is wow...this is how a wedding should be. Complete with an awesome worship time, a God honoring sermon, and the pastor calling the groom an idiot. Doesn't get any better than that. Loved it, made me want to get married all over again. This time with a clue of what marriage is supposed to be about. Giving the world a picture of Christ and His church.

Daylight savings time sucks, it takes me forever to adjust.

My three oldest men are gone to the youth retreat. I am missing them, but noticed despite the fact that my two big helpers were gone...the house stayed remarkably clean. Hmmm.

Our lawyer told us yesterday that our mediator is a very generous Jewish man, that loves to wear sweaters. Can't wait to meet him.

I get to take care of several of my dear friend's children this week. I am so excited to have them. I am going to talk one of them into learning how to do corn rows while she is here. Plus I get to be mama to 10 children this week...I'll have to see how well I can handle it :)

Cold front is a comin'. Whoo hoo for what will probably be the last one we get for a VERY long time.

I talked Richard in to taking me to watch Slum Dog Millionaire the other day. He wasn't real thrilled with the title, and thought for sure he was going to hate it. Especially when Jake told us it was a musical...because all movies about India are musicals. Fabulous movie, loved it. Gives you a great picture of what life is like for the children in the slums of India. Richard loved it too...especially when he realized it was not a musical.

Our neighbor just sold their house in less than two months for their asking price. Gives me high hopes that we will be able to sell ours quickly, and not loose too much money on it.

Several people have donated to the Gaunt family for their adoption of two Ugandan cuties...don't forget to donate, and get entered to win an ipod touch.