Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Just Not True

I feel I need to dispel some commonly held myths...

  1. I have not fallen off the face of the earth.
  2. I have not given up blogging.
  3. I am not a pathological liar
  4. Neither am I avoiding writing my post about our first week in Uganda

Now, I know you thought all of those things were true...but seriously they are not. It is just that life happens around here at break neck speeds...and I have had my plate beyond full.

I just dropped my mom off at the airport. We thoroughly enjoyed her WAY too short visit...and I miss her already.

I am STILL working on our taxes...April 15 is still weeks away...right??? At any rate I am thrilled that it APPEARS, at this time, my check to the IRS this year will NOT CONTAIN A COMMA....oh the joy!!!! While we will still be be writing a check..the fact that it lacks a comma is simply a miracle.

Yesterday was my birthday...and I have some of the sweetest and best friends a gal could have. They came to my house picked up my mom and I, and took us out for some yummy Mexican food. They sweetly obliged my craving for a chimichunga, EVEN THOUGH they all wanted to go some place much more refined and eat some silly salad....I won't hold it against them though :) Cause I love them all so much....and they gave me cool gadgets for herb preparation and cooking.

I am about to get on the doctor treadmill again...we will have five doctors/dentist appointments this week...um...I thought we didn't go to the doctor at our house????? At any rate can you guess why I call it a treadmill????? Think REAL hard, I bet you can.

Speaking of doctors and STRANGE medical anomalies...which we have a multitude of around here...any of you adoptive mama's have issues with blisters...well I guess any mama really...Marissa gets blisters...pretty big ones too. They look like burn blisters, but she has not been burned. Looking for some direction to point the doctor to when we go...so maybe that visit will actually produce some results. ANYONE????

Did I mention that I got to spend some much needed time with my much missed friend, Emily? Ah, it was so nice to hang out with her again. I love friends that you can see rarely and it still feels like you never missed a day....although I prefer friends I can see whenever I want :) So she should move back here...or something like that anyway.

Post about Uganda coming soon...I PROMISE!!!

This is the last day for you to donate to the Guant family adoption fund for a chance to win and ipod touch....you can still give after today...but you aren't gonna have a chance to win this nifty little gadget...that to be honest with you I just don't understand...but I hear people want them??? So get in while you can...and GIVE and help bring two children home...help to give them a forever family...store up for yourself a little treasure that will last :) Keltie and Blake will draw the winning name tomorrow...so HURRY it's almost too late....


Emily said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and it sounds like you did. Happy Birthday (or day after birthday)! I figured you'd be busy with visiting with your mom. I'm so glad she was able to come. I had such a wonderful time visiting. It really didn't feel like 2 years ago that I did it all the time, but it made me miss my friends there more. It will have to be done again. Oh course you are always welcome to come this way if ever you have the desire.:)
Love ya, Emily

Gaunt Family said...

Happy belated birthday to you! I'm so glad you got to enjoy some special time with friends and your mama.

I am not a doctor, as you know, just an adoptive mom who has been tried by fire when it comes to parasites from Africa, but do Marissa's blisters eventually ooze and crust? If so, they are highly contagious, though if nobody else has it by now, that's probably not what it is. If they are "just" blisters, it can be a sign of parasites, especially if they are on her hands and feet. Oh the things we do for love.

I am looking forward to drawing a winner for the Ipod. We are going to call a witness over just in case someone we know wins. ;-)

Anonymous said...

last night was fun. and i am so glad i was able to meet your mom. she's wonderful! beautiful!

and totally off subject, i think i have a peptic ulcer and i feel ...

Kathy said...

Hi! My first visit to your blog, and I just had to tell you that I love kids, and people who adopt kids, and chimichungas!

I'll stop by again. I came here from my daughter-in-law Shauna's blog (The Vaughan Family). They are in the process of adopting from Uganda. Excited to hear your story!