Monday, October 13, 2008

A Sad Day In My World

I am in mourning. Now I know some of you are not going to be able to relate to me on this, and that's OK, just bear with me. It is indeed a sad day for me. You see I love tacos. Really, they are my favorite food. A good breakfast taco is hard to find, even in South Texas. Now mediocre ones are all over town, but my tastes are much to refined for those. I want GOOD tacos. There is only one place in town that has them (in my opinion, and yes we have tried the all). My beloved eats at this place nearly every morning before work. I enjoy an occasional once a week or so treat. Well my dear friends all that has come to an end. Why you ask? Did they close down? Did they fail their health inspection? Are we running so low on funds that we can't afford a $1.98 breakfast taco? Alas, it is not any of the reasons. This is the reason:

This sign, and it is a HUGE sign, as been placed out in front of said establishment. My beloved quickly informed me we would not be eating there anymore. He spoke with the owner this morning and let him know our long standing relationship has come to an end. I didn't even get one last bacon, potato, egg, and cheese lovey to say goodbye.

Now of course this family has the right to vote for whom ever they choose. We do not love them any less because they are deceived. We simply cannot be seen eating in an establishment that wants to post their political views, which are so contrary to our their place of business.

Not only that, but I am seriously confused as to why this man, who is Catholic, would even consider voting for this man, solely based on his pro-abortion stance. Not to mention that small businesses like his own are going to suffer under an Obama presidency. Doesn't he know this?

Well, our meagerly business loss may not mean much to them, and that is OK. Our conviction stands firm...even if it means I must suffer the loss of taco goodness.


Janet said...

That IS a bummer. But good for you, for taking a stand!

cj said...

I wonder if they are losing a lot of business.

Duane and Melissa Carter said...

Hi Melissa, sorry about your tacos! Thanks for the prayers and encouragement for my kiddos.