Saturday, January 24, 2009

African Children's Choir

Wednesday afternoon I received a call from a friend, telling me that the African Children's Choir from Uganda would be performing at a nearby high school. She said she knew it was a short notice, but thought I might like to go. Short notice? Might like to go? Uh, she could have called thirty minutes before the show...OF COURSE I WANTED TO GO!!!

The show was amazing. Those sweet little cuties from Uganda...I just wanted to squeeze them. I was sitting there listening to the boys bang on the drums, with my eyes closed, it was almost as if I was back in Kampala, lying on my bed at night listening to the drums and singing off in the distance. It made me miss Africa.

Once again I was reminded of the rich culture in Uganda. There, where so many people have nothing, they live life to the fullest. They celebrate often, and do so with such joy. It is hard to describe, unless you have been there...but it really makes life in America seem so...well boring. Honestly, there are not many rich traditions here in the USA, or at least not in my part of the world. Life often times get marked and remembered by certain events, but how often do we truly celebrate? I was thinking in particular about marriage. The kids performed the "courtship dance" and the whole time I was thinking about the contrast between marriage here and there. I loved hearing the stories of Patrick and Vicky's courtship and wedding. The elaborate coming out party, where everyone gets to meet the groom. The stories of the men challenging each other with proverbs. The dancing, and singing, and great feasting. It is such a time of joy for them. Now, I know that marriages here are JOYFUL and CELEBRATED, but the difference in culture is drastic. Compared to them, we seem so much more reserved.

I think, that when you have so little, and you truly know how fragile life can find it very easy to live in the moment. You find it very easy to truly celebrate and enjoy life, because you have learned early on not to take one day, one meal, or your loved one for granted.

William and Marissa loved the evening as well. Although just for a moment it made me sad that they won't have the same experiences here in the sates. It is hard to incorporate other cultures into your life. I know I need to make a bit more of an effort, but still , it is hard.

Nevertheless, I am POSITIVE, that a father and mother that love them, a family that will always be here for them, and a home that they can always come home to, far outweighs what they have lost. Even a beautiful culture, cannot replace family. That is, after all, what they are celebrating in


Cheryl said...

Ooooh! I would have LOVED to see them!!

I DO know what you mean about the culture there... and the people... and the children...

Since we have returned we have tried to communicate what we "felt" while we were there. I wish everyone I know could experience the richness of Africa.

But, you are absolutely right... nothing takes the place of family.

Janet said...

It sounds great! It is so hard to tell anyone else about the experience in going to Africa. It's just something that is now in our hearts. I can't explain it, neither can you. It's just...a part of us.

SGT Sunshine said...

Do you know their schedule or where I can get a copy of it? I would LOVE to be able to see them if they are going to be anywhere in the area. =)