Saturday, January 17, 2009


I don't do teeth.

Seriously, the human mouth really grosses me out.

Naturally, this means that when my children start loosing their teeth, they feel they must share with me every gory detail. Things like, "Hey mom, my tooth bends down like a draw bridge!" make me shudder. I could tell you about the time that Noah pulled his tooth out during church. I swear you could have heard the POP of it coming out from across the room. I just can't handle it. Why do they feel as though I simply must peer into their mouths and witness first hand this disgusting...I mean amazing sight? They all know from early in life that when the time comes to pull a tooth...they are on their own. Something about a gaping bloody hole in my child's gums, just does not bring about feelings of nostalgia for me.

Nevertheless, I took the obligatory pictures today, when my dear sweet Grace announced with great glee, "Mama my tooth came out. I didn't pull it I promise. I was just wiggling it a bit and it popped right out."


I wonder if she realizes this is the beginning of her "awkward" stage?

Don't matter, I will always see her as beautiful.


Janet said...

She looks SO cute with her tooth out!

Emily said...

didn't i help noah pull a tooth? that was like two kid's ago for both of us. i sure do miss you guys. love ya, emily