Monday, January 26, 2009


I interrupt the regularly scheduled Not Me Monday for this important announcement.

I have been reminded more than a couple of times over the last couple weeks of a very important battle we are loosing in this country...probably several other countries as well. A battle that is immense in proportion, and one that quietly slips by day in and day out. While we have looked the other way and quietly swept it under the rug, as things of which we do not speak. Well I am speakin' up today.

P*rnography. This is not some innocent little thing that millions partake in. It can and does have serious implications. Not just in marriages but for our children.

Did you know that almost with out exception, every time a man is caught for s*xualy assaulting a child or women...NEARLY EVERY TIME p*ornography is found either on him, in his car, or in his home.

Seriously, major studies have been done on this. It is the LEADING link in violent crime.

There is a great chapter in the book Judgement in the Gates on this very subject. Material that is probably more relevant today than it was nearly twenty years ago when the book was first published.

Focus on the Family re aired their interview with Ted Bundy this morning. I had heard this episode a few years back and it struck me then...but even more so now as I have young boys, growing into young men. I HIGHLY recommend you you take the thirty minutes or so to listen to this, you won't be disappointed and you will walk away with a better understanding of exactly where an addiction to p*ornography CAN lead.

This interview was with him the night before he was scheduled to be executed for the rape and murder of well over twenty women and girls. While he takes full responsibility for his actions, he wanted the world to know that this type of "media" greatly contributed to the crimes he committed.

Not only is this a great reminder to be diligent in protecting our families from this garbage, but it is also a great reminder that Jesus Christ shed His blood for the forgiveness of sins. Not just my "itty bitty" ones, but even those of men like Ted Bundy.

God's love is great, merciful, and mighty. His forgiveness and healing are for those who would have it. There is no sin too great that cannot be forgiven. His love and forgiveness can bring healing to even the most broken and hurting of people. In Him is freedom and rest.

The radio broadcast can be found here.