Monday, January 26, 2009


We just started studying the reformation period for school. Today, as Noah sat beside me reading a book on Martin Luther (the reformer) Noah says, "Um, I thought Martin Luther was black." Boy did he feel sheepish when I reminded him that Martin Luther KING, the civil rights activist was black...Martin Luther the reformer...not so much.

As he continued to read, Grace was bemoaning the fact that she had to do math. I asked her if she wanted to learn to sew and cook. You need to know math to do these two activities, I informed her. Noah pipes up and tells her that she will indeed need to know math if she plans to cook. "Estimation is very important when cooking" he says, "mom is always estimating when she cooks." Not exactly what I had in mind..but he did have me rather cornered. I don't measure when I cook. The only math I use while cooking, is in fact estimation.

When I told him I would be blogging about the above mentioned conversations, he laughed.

Twenty minutes later, when I had completely forgotten the two previous conversations, I asked him for a reminder. He dutifully reminded me, then added, "Guess you'll be adding the fact that you can't remember anything to next weeks Not Me Monday huh?"


S.L.P said...

No, it's not hard to read recipes Melissa gives you..."a little of this, you know some of that, I usually just eye it. Let me know how it tastes!"

Anonymous said...

:o) hmmmm.