Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Am Ruined

OK, I hate to post two posts just minutes apart...but I have to. So after you read this one...peek on down at the post before this one too.

Now I KNOW I have some readers who are going to totally sympathize with me on this one.

I am ruined.

Totally and completely ruined.

Never again will I ever be able to eat a mango, pineapple, or avocado here in America, and truly enjoy it. THEY SUCK!

I need some fruit from Uganda people!

Real fruit...fresh off the tree.

For all you poor folk who think you have experienced some great tasting fruit here in the states...let me be the first to tell are wrong. You need to go to Africa and have yourself some REAL fruit.

Seriously, I just spent three bucks on a pineapple that was barely edible. The fact that the kids all thought is was great only serves to prove my point all the more. They haven't had REAL fruit either.

To be completely honest, I could also benefit from some mutooke (yeah I still don't know how to spell it)and a jack fruit as well.

Is it really that much to ask?

I think not.


Janet said...

I bought some jack fruit in a tin from the store. I'll see how it is, but I seriously doubt that it will be any good.

I TOTALLY get what you mean about the fruit., the goodness of it all. The juiciness, the mouth watering scrumptiousness.