Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

Seven years ago today, at precisely 11:43 a.m. the doctor announced that we had a baby girl.

Our sweet Grace had decided to make her entrance into this world nearly four weeks early, weighing in at 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long. She was my smallest baby, my shortest labor, and my hardest pregnancy. I seriously think the boys thought I would die from vomiting. I survived. She continued to give us a run for our money with many health problems her first year of life. One of my most embarrassing moments, was her doing. She was about 16 months old and she and I were waiting in the car for daddy to come back. A sweet older couple had come to the window to dote on her. She smiled, and promptly pulled my shirt up over my face declaring to them, "See my num nums." There really is no place to run, while stuck in the front seat of a car. I don't know who was worse or the old guy.

This is our Chicken. Somehow she earned this name while a toddler, and has kept it ever since. It is hard for me to describe how much of a blessing she is to me.
How do I love thee Grace? Let me count the ways...

I love that she is so dramatic. She seriously can nail just about any accent. You should see her rendition of that British dog training lady, from It's me or the Dog. If I were not so against hollywood and their humanist agenda, I am sure she could do some work worthy of an oscar. Alas, the world will never know her talents.

I love that she has her own style. She hates to wear pants. She practically thinks it is torture when I have her put them on. Skirts and dresses are her clothing of choice. Her outfit is never complete with out her boots. I finally sat her down yesterday, and had a talk with her about wearing her boots with her pretty smocked dresses. She consented to some dressier long as she could still wear her boots with everything else.

I love that she is always singing. It is quite a bonus that she has a nice voice too.

I love that her favorite movie is The Sound of Music. I am thinking she must have watched this movie well over one hundred times.

I love that she tries desperately to act feminine and lady like...but because of her brothers can't help but be a bit rough and tumble. I don't know how many skirts we have had to throw away because she a ripped them beyond repair climbing trees.

I love the look she gives me after she asks if she can snuggle in our bed. I even love the sigh, and pathetic look she gives when we tell her she has to start in her bed.

I love her compassion and empathy.

I love that she desires to serve her brothers and her daddy.

I love that she wants to learn to cook and sew.

I love that her whole motivation for learning to read, was so that she could read her Bible.

I love that she has taken on the role of big sister beautifully.

I love her tender heart. She is always quick to repentance. Quick to seek reconciliation.

I love that her favorite food is Rosemary Chicken.

I could go on and on ...I really could. I feel so blessed to have been chosen by God to be the mother of this child. She brings me such joy and laughter.

Grace, my love, Happy Birthday. I pray this year you will see the Lord more clearly and love Him more deeply. You are so dear to me, my precious daughter. I love you!

PS- That incredibly beautiful drawing up top was a gift from my incredibly talented friend. Thank you Laura....we both love it!


Unknown said...


If we had known, we would have sung to her at Sunday School.

Anyway, I'm so glad to have Gracie in our Sunday School class. She always has something very insightful to add, and her sweet smile brightens the room!!

Happy 7th Birthday Gracie!!!


S.L.P said...

We love you Gracie! Happy Birthday Chicken I.

- Shara

april said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!
The Walshes love you!!!!!!!
~The Walshclan

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!

The Dodsons

Anonymous said...

this is kinda late but... Happy birth-day Grace! :)
Every thing in this post is ture, Trust me.

Your Brother,

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to your Grace! She sounds like a wonderful girl!