Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Two families that have been in my prayers for quite some time are facing some very difficult days ahead.

The first is a family that found out while pregnant with their first child, that she would be born with Trisomy 18. I became very familiar with this, when a dear friend was told her daughter might have this same condition. Trisomy 18 is consider not compatible with life, and she was not expected to live more than a hour or two. God gave her family well over 100 blessed days with this sweet girl. Yesterday, she found herself in the arms of Jesus and not mommy and daddy. Perhaps you could say a prayer for them, and stop by and let them know you have done so. You can find their family blog, and their whole story here.

The second family, probably most of you have already heard about. I heard about this family in July, shortly after their daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Abby, is facing a very difficult time in the coming days as she endures a very difficult time in her treatment. So difficult in fact, that her parents are praying fervently that she will survive this time. Thousands are already praying for this sweet little girl, but if you haven't already, perhaps you could remember to pray for her. Stop by their blog and let them know, Abby is being lifted before the throne of the One who can heal.


scrappy quilter said...

There is another family that need urgent prayer right now too.

Their home is burning.