Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Article Made Me Laugh

This article made me laugh. The world's worst travel diseases. I got both the number one and number two spots while in Uganda. For the record, amoebic dysentery is not on that list, and it is WAY worse than the number two spot. Someone needs to get a hold of these guys and set them straight :)


Unknown said...

I'm wondering....Since you got all three of these horrible illnesses in such a short time frame, how do you know which symptoms went with which sickness? I'm serious. And curious. Is there any way to be sure? I hope to never get any of them!! As a matter of fact, I'd better go wash my hands after thinking about those illnesses!! :-) Hope the girl's doctor appointments went well!

For Grace..... For Marissa....

Did any of the nurses call y'all back like that, and did you think of me if they did?!?!

Seriously, I'm praying all of your kiddos are healthy!