Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Beautiful Morning

It was a beautiful morning, so we took off for the park.

Here is Kaleb, mentally compiling his list of 101 things he'd rather do than go to the park.
Noah, this one is always up in a tree...making cheesy faces.

Speaking of cheesy faces....

I love close up pictures of faces.
They make me smile.

Seriously, your smiling too aren't you?

What could be more fun than playing the in rocks?

" under there?"

I laid down on the rocks, I thought I would show you fall in South Texas.
It's nice....I guess.
But fall in Michigan, oh my, nice just doesn't quite describe it.
It is much prettier there.

I am just sayin'


S.L.P said...

I have one word for you: Traitor!

Oh and when Texas becomes an independent nation you're outta here!

J/K the kids are lovely in their cheesy cuteness.

Cheryl said...

Awww... yes, I'm smiling! I agree they are way cute!

You have a precious family.

I also love close-up photos of cute faces. You should see my grandbaby Ava's cuteness. Really... you should see. Talk about smiling! :)

Janet said...

Very pretty. But you should see the SNOW in Canada. VEEERY pretty.

laurad said...

just wanna smoosh them cheekers...

face photos are the best!

and Michigan is lovely...pastoral and fallish...